Representatives of the College are happy to meet people, offer information, and hear performances (as possible) on request, in either informal visits or "official" sessions at events as desired -- please check in with us in advance and let us know if you'd like to connect up. Other times and dates will be announced soon. If you'd like a meeting in another location, the Chatelaine will enthusiastically set one up upon request.

Here are some of the upcoming and continuing College projects:

  • "El Cid," a literary immersion event coming in fall of 2013 (contact for more information)
  • Performance collaborations among multiple regional musical groups for upcoming Coronations and other Royal Progresses
  • Sharing historical sources (did you know that Alban St. Albans has digitized several uncommon compilations of multi-part period music, some of which have never appeared in modern editions? Contact him at if you've got a group of singers or instrumentalists who'd like to work with these pieces!)
  • An ongoing series of Courts of Love, featuring song, poetry, displays of wit, banter and discussion, and a substantial dose of comedy
  • Commedia Camp, a weekend exploring the theatrical craft of commedia dell'arte, to be held at Hunter's Moon in August (contact Master Anton [] or Boiarynia Katrusha Skomorokh [] for more information)