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Included on this page will be some historical pieces for reference, pieces that are partially or wholy original to the College members, or other pieces that we really like.

If you have pieces you would like to include here, please contact the webmaster and he will be happy to add them. Any song, poem, story, music, or whatever can be included, as long as it basically fits the criteria of the SCA. Audio and Video recordings are also viable, either as direct storage or as links to YouTube or the like. Additionally, if you want to have your music transcribed, but don't know how to write out music, the webmaster guy Master Arden is good at doing that and more than willing to help. If you send him a recording, through some alchemy he can make sheet music appear! He also has semi-portable recording equipment if people want to try to do a recording themselves as well (a multi-track digital recorder, allowing for more complex stuff if you prefer).

THE EASTERN TYGER'S ROAR Aife ingen Chonchobair in Derthaige(Amanda Lord) EasternTygersRoar.doc EasternTygersRoar.pdf or EasternTygersRoar.nwc EasternTygersRoar.mid EasternTygersRoar.mp3 Copyright 2010 reserved, music and text by Amanda Lord. Open use in SCA with attribution.
AVE TIGRIS REGIA Text by Dynna Flynn, Wendy M. Hennquin, J eff Berry (J udith FitzHenry, Fiana of Clare, & Alexandre d'Avigne); Melody anon 13th Cent. AveTigrisRegia.doc AveTigrisRegia.pdf or AveTigrisRegia.nwc AveTigrisRegia.mid AveTigrisRegia.mp3 Lyrics Copyright 2009 Dynna Flynn, Wendy M. Hennquin, Jeff Berry (Judith FitzHenry, Fiana of Clare, & Alexandre d'Avigne); Open use in SCA with attribution.
CARMEN ORIENTALIS Text by Wendy Gale (Sabine de Kerbriant); Medody In Taberna from the Carmina Burana, 13th Century. CarmenOrientalis.doc CarmenOrientalis.pdf or CarmenOrientalis.nwc CarmenOrientalis.mid CarmenOrientalis.mp3 Copyright 2004 Wendy Gale, all rights reserved. Open use in SCA with attribution.
HERE COMES THE EAST (ORIENS VICTORIOSUS) Aneleda Falconbridge OriensVictoriosus.doc OriensVictoriosus.pdf or OriensVictoriosus.nwc OriensVictoriosus.mid OriensVictoriosus.mp3 Copyright 2010 Monique Bouchard, all rights reserved.Open use in SCA with attribution.
WARHORNS OF SUMMER Original melody and text by Verrix of the MidRealms WarhornsOfSummer.pdf n/a n/a WarhornsOfSummer.mp3 Copyright 2003 Reid Sisson. This is technically a Mid-Realm rather than an Eastern piece, but posted here for Pennsic.
WHERE ARE THE DRAGONS Original melody and text by "Sons of the Mid Realms" WhereAreTheDragons.pdf n/a n/a WhereAreTheDragons.mp3 I was given no actual copyright information on this, but I will nominally put Copyright 2012 by Sons of the Mid Realms. It is a MidRealms song posted here for Pennsic.
I AM EASTERN, SO ARE YOU Music from Frere Jacques, text by Aneleda Falconbridge maybe? "I am Eastern, I am Eastern, So are you, so are you, Let's go beat the (Midrealm), let's go beat the (Midrealm), With a stick, with a stick." Seriously? n/a IAmEasternSoAreYou.mp3 I take no responsibility for this one - it's all Aneleda's fault.
DAWN SONG Text: Bertran D'Alamano (1230-1260), Music: 13th Cent. Anon Motet DAWNSONG.DOC DAWNSONG.PDF DAWNSONG.MID Recorded on "Of Dyverse Mynstralsye" by Paul Butler Combined the text of Bertran D'Alamano with an anonymous 13th century liturgical motet, slightly modified to match the text, to create a period style dawn song. The original was in Provencal, the translation is by Willard Trask. I chose to do it in English because I think the words are important to understand for the effect of the song. Copyright reserved - text by Willard Trask, musical adaptation by Paul Butler. Open use in SCA.
FOR HONOR OF QUEEN GENEVIERE Text: Arden of Icombe, Music: variant of Machaut's Comment Qua Moy raisesword.doc raisesword.pdf raisesword.mid Recorded by Paul Butler (all parts) Written by Arden of Icombe as commission to King Kelson for his Queen. The melody is a tweaked version of Machaut's Comment Qua Moy for the chorus, the verse is more heavily rewritten. Copyright reserved, music and text by Paul Butler. Open use in SCA.