Below are various resources and links to things of interest to the college. Feel free to browse!

Our charter:

The College will promote excellence and camaraderie in the arts while advancing our understanding of the Medieval and Renaissance periods of history through the study, composition, and practice of the historical performing arts and the celebration of the history and culture of our Society. The College will establish bylaws for its prudent governance, and will pursue these above stated goals in accordance with those bylaws.

Our Charter

Our Bylaws

Bylaws Summary

For any questions regarding the Bylaws, please contact the Chancellor.


Below is a partial list of links to things of various interest to Performers. (a few random historical vocal pieces) (giant pile of historical dance music - good to pillage melodies from for purposes of "filking") (monster collection of sheet music with midi files, including a large number of historical vocal pieces, mostly renaissance) excellent resource for performance of the Cantigas Monster collection of SCA filk songs Greg Lindahl's SCA website for all things minstrel Public Domain Copies of many period Madrigals A repository of troubadour works, many with English translations and midi melodies (troubadour songs weren't written down with much indication of rhythm, so really just listen to the pitches and do what sounds good to you with rhythm) Fascimillies and transcriptions of 16th century broadside ballads


Some reference books for individuals in various fields of Performance.
  • Remnant, Mary. English Bowed Instruments from Anglo-Saxon to Tudor Times. Clarendon Press: Oxford, 1986. A very good book for early stringed instruments.
    Some Historical Sources:
  • Johannes de Grocheo. De Musica.. circa 1300. .
  • Johannes Tinctoris. De Inventione et Usu Musicae. from about 1487. .
  • Sebastian Virdung. Musica getetscht. 1511. .
  • Martin Agricola. Musica instrumentalis deudtsch. 1528. .
  • Michael Praetorius Syntagma Musicum - esp. vol 2: De Organographia and vol 3: Harmonie Universelle. 1618..
  • Delany, Greg, editor. The Word Exchange: Anglo-Saxon Poems in Translation. W.W. Norton and Company, 2012. This is a wonderful collection of FACING PAGE translations of a wide range of Anglo Saxon poetry, from high art like The Wanderer to smaller pieces like riddles and protection spells. Excellent general resource.
  • Burgess, Glyn and Busby, Keith (translators) The Lais of Marie de France. Penguin Classics, 2nd Edition, 1999. Good source for stories/songs of late 12th Century France, often with a bit of a period feminist twist.
  • VIDEO: Beowulf (performed by Benjamin Bagby); produced by Koch Vision 2007. Wonderful live version of Beowulf read in Anglo-Saxon (with subtitles if you want them), accompanied by A/S Lyre. A must see if you want to think about period performance!