This page details the workings of the East Kingdom College of Performers. Select from the options below:


These are the FACULTY of the College of Performers. They act as general directors of the different areas of the College, and can be consulted regarding the overall workings. At the top of this list are the Administrators, who handle the basic functions of running the College.

Provost (Presiding officer) -
Chatelaine (Outreach & communications officer) -
Chancellor (Secretary & manager of policy) -

(poetry, prose, logic & rhetoric, language studies, etc.)
Alexandre Lerot D'Avigne'

(instrumental & vocal music, bardic circles & coaching, musical composition, etc.)

Deonna von Aachen
(historical composition and performance)

Chair of Music of the Modern Middle Ages
Aneleda Falconbridge
(music inspired by period sources and/or the legacy of the SCA)

Oral Traditions
(storytelling, cultural & folkloric studies, persona performance, etc.)
Katherine Ashewode

(stagecraft, improvisation, commedia de l'arte, mumming, etc.)
Anton of Winteroak

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This is the present roster of active members of the College. Contact information and specialities will be added soon!

Adelisa Salernitana (Buckland Cross)
Aife inghean Conchobhair (Anglespur)
Alana O'Keeve (Blak Rose)
Alexandre Lerot d'Avigné (Ostgardr)
Aneleda Falconbridge (Endewearde)
Anton of Winteroak (Quintavia)
Anya Krasnoperkin (Endewearde)
Arden of Icombe (Iron Bog)
Aurelia du Vrai Coeur (Ostgardr)
Beatrice de Warynton (Hartshorn-dale)
Brid ni Shearlis (Concordia of the Snows)
Cecily Windham (Bridge)
Cynon mac an Choile (Bhakail)
Deonna von Aachen (Concordia of the Snows)
Dorigen of the Grey Gate (Carillion)
Drake Oranwood (Rusted Woodlands)
Erlan Nordenskald (Rusted Woodlands)
Finan mac Bressail (Endewearde)
Finnguala ingen Neill (Concordia of the Snows)
Gene Monette (Bergental)
Judith Fitzhenry the Uncertain (Ostgardr)
Katherine Ashewode (L'ile du Dragon Dormant)
Katrusha Skomorokh (Anglespur)
Lianor de Matos (Bhakail)
Lilie Dubh inghean ui Mordha (Ostgardr)
Linette de Gallardon (Owlsherste)
Lorenzo Gorla (Iron Bog)
Maeve O'Morain (Caer Adamant)
Marion Quyn (Bhakail)
Sabine de Kerbriant (Bhakail)
Scholastica Joycors
Sean O'Morain (Caer Adamant)
Siobhan ni Dhonnabhain (Hartshorn-dale)
Sirhan al Cyani ibn Atai Akarel Diablu (Ostgardr)
Sol la Cantor (Blak Rose)
Tristan le Chanticler (Black Icorndall)
William Graham, aka Roberto Fumagali (Black Icorndall)
Ysemay Sterling (Nordenhalle)

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To be listed on the College roster as a member, contact the Chatelaine with your name and home group. Please feel free to include your interests and experience level if you'd like.

To become a voting member (which grants the right to vote in future elections for faculty and officer positions), we encourage you to offer a single performance, piece, or submission of your choice in the presence of three current voting members. This may be of absolutely *any* level of proficiency, does not require documentation, and can be conducted in private as desired. If this poses a hardship due to location or logistical difficulties, please contact the Provost to discuss alternatives.

Anyone who falls into the following categories will have full voting membership automatically granted upon request:

  • Former members of the guild known as the Royal College of Bards
  • Companions of the Order of the Troubadour, the Order of Terpsichore, and the Order of the Maunche or the Laurel (the last two if given for excellence in a Performing Art of the College)
  • Past or present Kingdom or Baronial Bardic Champions, or other Champions of a Performing Art of the College.
There are also opportunities for non-performing Patrons of the College -- contact the Chatelaine for ideas and suggestions.

For membership performance opportunities, check the Balcony Announcements or email the Chatelaine .

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