This is the online home of a Royally chartered Eastern guild of entertainers of all kinds: musicmakers, poets, storytellers, actors, mummers, puppeteers, etc., etc., etc. This community is dedicated to supporting the pursuit of the performing arts both as practiced in period and as relevant to SCAdian history and culture, to teaching and coaching, to making connections among performers throughout the kingdom, and to making opportunities for collaboration, socialization, multidisciplinary projects, performance spaces, inspirational challenges, and anything else we can think of to entertain ourselves and our audiences. Please take a look around!

Find announcements about things happening in the College, and where to find information about events featuring performance opportunities, gatherings, bardic circles, or the like.

Here’s where we show off our performers! Here you can find stories, sheet music, lyrics, sound and video files of performances, and other good works of the members of the College.

Looking for classes, workshops, bardic circles, or performance opportunities in your area? Interested in signing up to teach? Want to have your pieces or performances posted or linked to in our “Great Hall” section? Contact the appropriate Dean(s)! There is (deliberately) a great deal of flexibility and some overlap among our subject divisions, so if you’re not positive where a particular topic falls, just ask. You can also see what we are up to on our Facebook page.

Or talk to those people in charge:
Provost (Presiding Officer): Solveig Bjarnardottir
Chatelaine (Outreach and Communications Officer): Drustan of Oldstonebridges
Chancellor (Secretary and Manager of Policy): Agnes Marie de Calais
Exchequer (Treasurer): Siobhan ingean ui Ghadhra

Webminister: Lady Tessa Maria da Siena